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Guidance for Charities

Charities by their very nature, hold a huge amount of information that is attractive to hackers. The information held by charities often includes personal, sensitive, and financial data that when in the hands of a cybercriminal can be sold, held at ransom, or used to steal funds.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey for 2021 revealed that Phishing is the most identified cyber-attack against charities. Among the 26% identifying any breaches or attacks, 79% had phishing attacks, 23% were impersonated and 17% had malware (including ransomware).

WMCRC warns local charities to take action against cyber criminals.

Discover how membership with the WMCRC can develop your cyber resilience.

cyber essentials.png

Cyber Essentials: How can it help your charity?

Cyber Essentials helps you make your charity more resilient to cyber-attacks


Avoid giving cyber criminals a spare rod and bait to reel in your charities data

Charities by their very nature, hold a huge amount of information that is attractive to hackers.

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3 step checklist to help charities be more secure online

A short checklist to help you follow some basic cyber hygiene steps.

Charity watchdog warns of pandemic scams and fraudulent activity.

The Charity Commission is warning trustees and donors to strengthen defences.

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8 steps from the NCSC to recovering a hacked account

Whether it's your email, social media or some other type of online service, there are many things which can alert you to the fact that someone else is accessing your account.

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National Cyber Security Centre: Small Charity Guide

How to improve cybersecurity within your charity - quickly, easily and at low cost.


How to report a cybercrime to law enforcement

Learn how and who to report a cybercrime to.

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Five steps to keeping your website secure

The internet is such a fast-paced environment for any size business, which is why it is important to keep up to date on the essential elements.

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