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Cyber crime and planning your defence is like the game of Chess

Jude Thompson, WMCRC Advisory Group Member and Managing Director of CSCM Limited has provided an insight into cyber crime and its comparisons to playing a game of chess. Cyber criminals may use clever computer technology to carry out their attacks but it is the people behind the attacks that are making the moves.

Cyber criminals have a very clever strategy and they rightly assume that 99% of the world do not play Chess or at least don’t play at a strategic level.

Now, you don’t have to play Chess to be able to defend against cyber criminals but you do need a plan.

Jude said" I personally think protection against cyber criminals is like your defensive strategy in chess. My grandfather once told me that you never start out to win a game, you only plan to defend then learn how your opponent operates.
My grandfather also said without having a first class defence it is almost impossible to win.

This logic can be used when it comes to planning a strategy for defending yourself and your business against a cyber-attack, the object is not to win only to begin to understand what your opponent is trying to achieve and defend against their advances.

Each piece and each person in your strategy has a role and like the game itself, working together in a strategic formation can create an affective defence that will help you force that important stalemate.

  • The King - Your Money and Your Reputation, this is what you are protecting

  • The Pawns - Your team, these are your most effective and yet the most vulnerable pieces on the board

  • The Bishops - Your HR department

  • The Knights - Your Technical experts

  • The Rooks - Hardware & Software

  • The Queen - Backup

  • The Board - The board is very simply the area in which we play, everything is very black and white you either make a move or you don’t. However if you don’t make any moves there is no defence!

So with this structure in mind, think of the individuals in your business, what are their positions and what role do you need them to play? Do you know your Kings from your Queen's and how they need to work together?

The good news is that there is support to help you defend your business from cyber attacks, we can't say the same for a game of chess but we do know a thing or two about cyber security.

The first step to cyber resilience is knowledge. We offer a variety of membership packages that provide you with access to regular guidance, tools and resources that can help you to keep your business out of the hands of cyber criminals. Alongside providing access to regular guidance, tools, and resources, we also offer businesses a free consultation so they can understand their current cyber security risks.

If you would like to know more, please contact us here or you can view our range of membership packages here.


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