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Guidance for the Retail and Hospitality Industries

Retail and the Food & Beverage industries both see a high turn over of customers and that is just one reason they are prime targets for cyber criminals. Learn how to reduce your risk of a cyber attack occurring with our guidance, so to help you we have created and collated a suite of resources, services and tools. 

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6 of the biggest threats facing your customers data

In the last year, 1 in 8 retail businesses have reportedly faced being victims of cyber crime.

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Cyber Essentials: How can it help your business?

Cyber Essentials helps you make your business more resilient to cyber-attacks

The risk to Point-of-Sale for both retail and food and beverage industries

Recent research by PwC on their client base revealed that cyber attacks on their retail clients had increased by over 30%,

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How to report a cybercrime to law enforcement

Learn how and who to report a cybercrime to.


Today’s Special: 7 things to help your business fend off cyber criminals

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen those working in F&B move to digital ways of working, increasing cyber risks.

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Five steps to keeping your website secure

The internet is such a fast-paced environment for any size business, which is why it is important to keep up to date on the essential elements.

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8 steps from the NCSC to recovering a hacked account

Whether it's your email, social media or some other type of online service, there are many things which can alert you to the fact that someone else is accessing your account.


How can the NCSC’s Small Business Guide help my retail or ecommerce business?

The retail industry is responsible for around 16% of the West Midlands economy which makes it the largest in the region.

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