Who We Work With

Superfast IT

For almost 20 years, Superfast IT has provided outsourced IT support services and security to ambitious SMEs in Birmingham, the Black Country and wider West Midlands. Their mission is to help small and medium sized businesses to use technology better. 

A local, trusted and growing technology firm, Superfast IT are focused on not just fixing today's IT problems, but also take a proactive and partnership role as a virtual IT department and strategic technology and cyber security partner. They ensure clients have the right technology to meet their long-term business goals by developing a personalised technology road map.

Superfast IT expertise extends to cyber security, partnering with IASME, cyber technology vendors and the West Midlands Resilience Centre to keep up to date with evolving cyber threats. They ensure their client's data and systems remain secure through comprehensive cyber security, whilst supporting their clients to become Cyber Essentials Accredited.

Superfast IT are Microsoft Partners and offer a managed IT services framework to keep IT simple. This enables business owners and leaders to focus on running their business. 


Superfast IT's ethos is to provide a people first approach, creating a friendly, modern and positive working environment where training/continuous development is encouraged and wellbeing/mental health is supported, translating to exceptional customer service. They also take pride in demonstrating responsible business practices, backed by their Good Business Charter accreditation. Superfast IT strive to be ethical, honest, professional, proactive, forward thinking, environmentally conscious and also community focussed, supporting local charities and initiatives such as donating laptops to schools during lockdown to bridge the digital divide.



DPA/OK is a midlands-based data protection consultancy.  It advises organisations as to how to comply with data protection law. They have experience providing advice to private companies, charities, local authorities and to the education sector. They provide compliance advice and support, bespoke data protection training, advice with data subject rights, support with data breaches and are able to act as an outsourced Data Protection Officer.  Their founder David Campbell is a practising Solicitor and is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the Institute of Records Management and the Society for Computers and Law.

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The Midlands Engine

The Midlands Engine partnership brings together public sector partners and businesses to complement the activity of local and combined authorities, LEPs, universities, businesses and others. The partnership is generating added value for the whole of the Midlands, its communities and the wider UK.

The Midlands Engine is a coalition of Councils, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships such as Universities, and businesses across the region, actively working with Government to build a collective identity to enable us to present the Midlands as a competitive and compelling offer that is attractive at home and overseas.

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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The FSB is the UK’s largest business group with 160,000 members across the country, made up of small business owners and the self-employed. The not-for-profit organisation offers a range of business services including legal protection, health and safety advice, employment protection, insurance services and crisis management.


The FSB also provides a variety of networking events and opportunities for its members as well as being a powerful government lobbyist, continually campaigning for better conditions and resources for small firms and individuals.

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Midlands Cyber

Midlands Cyber are the Regional Cyber Security Cluster for the West Midlands, responsible for championing investment and cyber networking. Established in 2015 and originally funded by Midlands Engine and the Department for International Trade, the cluster has made strides regionally, nationally and internationally.

Midlands Cyber belongs to the a Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Malvern networking community. This community is home to the highest concentration of cyber businesses in the UK outside of London- a statistic that is only set to grow with the continued innovation bought by one of the UK's first 5G testbeds.    A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) between the Maryland Department of Commerce and Midlands Engine in the US provides a foundation to drive further international opportunity.

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Cyber Risk Score

Cyber Risk Score is delighted to support The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands.  This is an important time for cybersecurity as, according to Hiscox’s 2021 Cyber Report, “a small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds”.


This is not just a major problem for these businesses but also those companies and organisations that share data with them.  Supply chain resilience needs to be improved and organisations must ensure that any data they share is safe. 


Unfortunately, for most business and organisations, cybersecurity is complex, confusing and costly. A typical cybersecurity report can cost £5,000-plus.   


Cyber Risk Score is an innovative benchmarking solution which makes cybersecurity simple, straightforward and affordable- even for sole traders.  It is just like a credit score for your organisation’s and your supply chain's cybersecurity.


Users get an easily understood score out of 1,000 and a report listing their vulnerabilities, how much they impact their score and how to fix them every month. By asking suppliers for their score, businesses and organisations can measure, monitor and manage cybersecurity internally and in their supply chains.

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Cyber Tzar

Cyber Tzar Ltd provide a variety of risk assessment and management tools to help businesses understand their Cyber Security. Their approach to the cyber security skills gap is to help business owners, risk managers, information security professionals, and developers, by delivering automated tools and easy to consume information to help democratise cyber security.


Cyber Tzar Ltd help you protect your organisation with their online SaaS based Cyber Security Risk Management Platform and they strive to provide transparency to businesses by simplifying, quantifying, and managing cyber security risk. Their solutions aim to maintain a business’s reputation and the trust of loyal customers, whilst keeping your infrastructure and web content safe.


At its core, Cyber Tzar Ltd scan websites, including their code, configuration, and externally “visible” infrastructure, for vulnerabilities, reporting the findings back as an easy to understand and communicate cyber security risk “score” out of 1,000.  They provide visibility of the online security of a business by assessing and calculating risk, using comprehensive scanning, automated risk assessments, technical penetration testing, data science and AI-powered vulnerability testing.


Better than a simple MOT, Cyber Tzar actively guide you towards improving your cyber risk exposure via prioritising your vulnerabilities, identifying which require immediate attention, near term attention, or are low priority.  A business can routinely use this as a tool to not only establish their cyber security needs, but subsequently manage their improvement, guided by the suggested remediation.


The platform can scan many thousands of sites per day and provide you with benchmarking insight into your suppliers, partners, and your marketplace as a whole, making it useful to procurement departments and qualification, vendor management, and quantifying comparative risk for insurance purposes.

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IMS Technology

For close to 20 years, IMS Technology has supplied a range of IT and telephony services to businesses in the West Midlands and beyond. They provide assistance to SMEs looking to utilise technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, reliability and security.


Trusted, well-established and growing, IMS Technology work closely with their clients, to understand their present needs, and long-term goals. With this approach, they aim to replicate the personal, business focused experience of an IT department for a fraction of the cost.


IMS Technology’s expertise extends past IT support and telephony however, with services available for networking, productivity software, and most importantly, cybersecurity. They are partnered with major organisations in the IT and Cybersecurity sphere, such as Microsoft, WatchGuard and Barracuda, which enables them to implement comprehensive, trustworthy solutions that are amongst the best in the industry. Furthermore, IMS are Cyber Essentials Accredited, and can support their clients to become accredited too, improving their knowledge about cyber threats.


Through becoming Cyber Essentials Accredited and partnering with the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre, IMS Technology aims to stay at the forefront of the evolving cybersecurity landscape, and offer cybersecurity services that are of real value.

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Concord College

Founded in 1949, Concord College is a highly academic independent international school in England for day and boarding students. We welcome students from all over the world and the local area into our vibrant and varied community.


Girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 18 enjoy fabulous facilities on our safe 73-acre campus set in the heart of the English countryside. We expect our students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK. We also take care to nurture the individuality of students at Concord to develop their self-confidence.


Concord is at the forefront of Education Technology (EdTech) in schools. In 2021, the College achieved Microsoft Showcase School status. In addition to innovation in pedagogy, technology and training in education, Concord benefits from a highly qualified IT team, a number of Microsoft Innovative Education Experts (MIE Experts), IT Teaching and Learning Leads (ITTL) and Digital Champions, all of whom are helping to reimagine the future of education, and promote a cultural change in digital transformation in staff and students.


This is why the WMCRC is such an important asset in an ever-growing digital world.



Entrust is an education and skills support services business.

‘Excellence in education’ is the heart of our business. We work in partnership with schools and academies from over 50 local authority areas to provide specialist expertise, ensuring every child and young person receives a good education, is in a safe and healthy environment and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

By building on our reputation for excellence and delivering what we promise, we want to help make every school a good school, ensuring every child and young person gets the education they deserve.

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