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Cyber security for the construction industry – where to start?

The fast-moving world of cyber security and the ever-increasing threat of online crime can make it overwhelming to figure out where to start with cyber security. With the media frequently sharing news of well-known companies suffering cyber security breaches and attacks, you may be left thinking your business is too small or doesn’t hold anything of interest to cybercriminals.

Whilst cyber-attacks on larger businesses make the news headlines, such attacks on SME’s and micro businesses can break the bank. In 2021, engineering firm Weir Group were victim to a ransomware attack, with estimated losses of up to £5 million. This is an established larger organisation with existing cyber security controls, so the damage this may have caused to an SME could have been devastating.

In fact, 21% of businesses that identified security breaches ended up losing money, data or other assets, showing just how high the stakes can be. With research finding that 81% of consumers would no longer have any involvement with companies that had suffered a data breach, the cost of a cyber-attack is not just felt in the immediate days following.

A simple solution – the cyber security checklist A cyber security checklist helps to ensure you’ve covered all the bases to keep your organisation compliant and ensure business continuity in the event of an attack. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of simple best-practice tips that you can use to start protecting your business today.

You can also download the government’s National Cyber Security Centre guide to improving cyber security for small businesses here.

Take your Cyber Resilience to the next level

Once you’ve nailed the basics, it may seem like time to move on. Unfortunately, online attackers are incredibly agile and can adapt quickly to overcome security protections, so your cyber security strategy will need to continuously evolve to keep up with the ever-changing risks.

Thankfully the Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands is here to make sure you’re on the right path with its cyber security checklist for the construction industry. We offer a FREE core membership that gives you access to a range of free resources, toolkits, tips and support.

If you’d prefer talking through your specific circumstances directly, we’d love to hear from you and help begin your cyber security journey today.


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