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Introducing Discus Systems PLC – the newest Platinum member to join WMCRC

We’re delighted to announce Discus Systems PLC has joined us as the newest platinum member at The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands.

Discus Systems is an IT Support Company which was founded in 1997 to meet the demand from small and medium-sized businesses in their local area for IT support and service. Originally based in Coleshill to the South-East of Birmingham, in 2010 they expanded beyond the capability of their offices and moved to prestigious new premises in Hampton in Arden, Solihull.

Discus Systems PLC is not merely a cyber security provider; they’re passionate advocates for their clients' security and prosperity in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. They focus on the happiness and security of their customers, providing a comprehensive service that ensures businesses can thrive, unburdened by the worry of potential cyber threats.

One of their flagship offerings is the Cyber Security 7 package, which comprises a broad spectrum of services. These range from Password Management and Multi-Factor Authentication to Anti-Spam and Prevention & Detection measures. The package also includes Office365 Security Monitoring, Security Training, and Backup services. Understanding that each business has unique needs and challenges, Discus Systems takes a bespoke approach to each project, working closely with their customers to deliver tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

At the heart of Discus Systems PLC lies a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and forging enduring relationships with their clients. Their steadfast dedication to their customers has earned them a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner within the West Midlands business community.

Discus Systems PLC specialises in assisting small to medium-sized businesses in achieving their cyber security goals and obtaining their Cyber Essentials certification. Their expertise and resources ensure that customers are not only secure but also fully compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards. Their focus is not just on offering protective measures; they also empower their clients with the tools and knowledge to stay safe in the digital realm.

Joining the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre as a Platinum member is a significant milestone that further solidifies Discus Systems PLC's position as a leader in the field. The Centre is indeed privileged to have them on board, where their vast experience and unparalleled commitment to cyber security will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable asset.

Director of The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands, Vanessa Eyles said:

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Discus Systems PLC join the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre in the fight against cyber attacks across the region. Having Discus on our team shows the great calibre of partnerships that the WMCRC has. Together we are helping businesses become cyber safer.”

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