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What is Safer Business Action Week?

In an effort to foster safer environments for businesses and communities alike, the annual Safer Business Action Week kicks off on Monday 16th October.

Headed by the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC), this week-long initiative sees a collaborative effort between Business Reductions Partnerships (BCRPs), Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), the private security industry, and local police forces.

What is the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC)?

The NBCC, hosted within the City of London Police, serves as the representative body for UK policing on a national scale. Collaborating closely with the business sector, and as its name suggests, its primary mission is to combat crimes against businesses.

The NBCC concentrates its efforts on preventing violence and combating organised crime (including cybercrime) while encouraging the exchange of best practices between law enforcement agencies and private industries. Their objectives include:

Enhancing collaboration: Strengthening partnerships with the business community and elevating national police standards to gain accurate insights into crime impacts and employ methods to reduce them.

Efficient resource allocation: Empowering businesses to allocate resources effectively, thereby disrupting national-level crimes against businesses.

Emphasising prevention: Prioritising prevention strategies, the NBCC acts as a hub for best practices and a centre of excellence. It supports businesses across the UK in safeguarding themselves from crimes through proactive measures.

How does the NBCC work?

At the heart of the NBCC's efforts lies their website, a central hub for businesses and law enforcement. This platform offers an array of crime prevention materials, equipping businesses with essential knowledge to protect themselves against crime and cybercrime.

Moreover, the NBCC has cultivated an extensive network of police and business contacts, overseeing the identification of emerging trends and enabling efficient collaboration between sectors in order to stay one step ahead of criminals. Local police forces play a vital role, with designated points of contact ensuring sharing of the latest best practices and collaborative problem-solving at a grassroots level.

The NBCC doesn't stop at online resources; they actively engage with businesses through presentations spanning various sectors. These presentations serve a dual purpose: highlighting the NBCC's work and providing invaluable crime prevention advice to businesses.

Safer Business Action Week

This initiative, focused primarily on the retail sector and independent retailers within communities, aims to address issues related to crime and antisocial behaviour. While physical store security remains a concern, the spotlight will also be on cybercrime and fraud, often overlooked but on the rise and significantly impacting many retailers, even small and medium-sized ones.

SaBA Week will see the collaboration of Business Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs), Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), and the private security industry with local police forces. Together, they will execute joint patrols, target offenders, and conduct a range of crime prevention activities. These efforts extend beyond law enforcement; they encompass raising awareness among the general public about local issues and fostering engagement between businesses and the community.

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