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WMCRC Advisory Group continues to grow

We are delighted to announce two new members who have joined the WMCRC Advisory Group. The group will provide the WMCRC with guidance, advice and influence the direction of the Centre, welcome to Professor Prashant Pillai of Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute and Andy Tasker, Director of Zenzero.

Professor Prashant Pillai, Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute at the University of Wolverhampton.

Professor Prashant Pillai is currently working as a Professor in Cyber Security and Director of the Wolverhampton Cyber Research Institute at the University of Wolverhampton. Professor Pillai has 18 years’ of research experience and specialises in the areas of communication networks and cyber security.

Over the years, Professor Pillai has led several national/international research projects funded by various funding agencies like Innovate UK, ESA, EU, etc. in the areas of cyber security.

With educational background in Electronics and IT security and an avid interest in Artificial Intelligence, Professor Pillai has a passion of researching complex issues that lie in the interaction of these areas. His current research interest lies in the application of AI and developing novel security solutions for safety critical systems (like smart grid, autonomous cars, aeronautical systems and robotics).

Professor Prashant Pillai is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded two cyber security start-ups Cydon Ltd. and OnlynShield Ltd. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a Fellow of the HEA and a Fellow of the BCS.

On joining the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre Advisory Group, Professor Prashant Pillai said: “Cyber security is a growing global problem which demands a co-ordinated effort from different organisations. The cyber security landscape has changed over the years with growing number of attacks, sophistication of attacks and growing impact to all businesses small or large.

“The University of Wolverhampton are developing a new £9m Midlands Centre for Cyber Security with the aim to provide a hub for supporting and accelerating cybersecurity innovation and for supporting industry by providing tailored security testing, training, and R&D. The centre is backed by the experienced academic team of the Wolverhampton cyber Research Institute.

“I am delighted to join the Advisory Group of the West Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre. I see this as a great opportunity to partner together and provide regional businesses the advice and support they may need not just to deal with cyber incidences but to ensure they will be resilient to future cyber threats and attacks.”

Andy Tasker, Director of Zenzero

Andy was introduced to IT back in 1989 whilst working within the nuclear industry. His career since has taken him through various sizes of businesses and public sector bodies. He provided innovation, with strong engineering principles, to various digital transformation projects and programmes.

Over the years he has used these skills in the sphere of cyber security to help businesses protect their technology and services from theft, damage or business disruption due to cyber-attacks.

This year at Zenzero, Andy took on the responsibility for the strategic direction of cyber security tooling and management; and how those become part of their service catalogue. He is working to ensure these services are effective in supporting small and medium sized businesses to meet - cyber security - certifications such as Cyber Essentials.

As part of bridging the gap between small and medium sized business, and larger national initiatives, Andy is helping Zenzero support the Police CyberAlarm rollout to their MSP customers.

When asked about joining the WMCRC Advisory Group, Andy said: “This group is providing the rounded guidance that businesses need. It is important in the current climate that businesses have cyber security solutions that are proportional to the threats they face. Businesses are managing challenging budgets in the face of criminals with increasing motivation and advancing capabilities. Bringing together experts in their fields, latest innovation, and real-world business needs and means can provide businesses with the guidance to maximise their cyber security defences.”

Find out more about our Advisory Group Members on our website as well as join as a WMCRC Member and sign up to our e-newsletter.

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