WMCRC announces strategic partnership with Cyber Tzar

The Cyber Resilience Centre for the West Midlands are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Cyber Tzar Ltd.

Cyber Tzar Ltd provide a variety of risk assessment and management tools to help businesses understand their Cyber Security. Their approach to the cyber security skills gap is to help business owners, risk managers, information security professionals, and developers, by delivering automated tools and easy to consume information to help democratise cyber security.

Cyber Tzar Ltd help you protect your organisation with their online SaaS based Cyber Security Risk Management Platform and they strive to provide transparency to businesses by simplifying, quantifying, and managing cyber security risk. Their solutions aim to maintain a business’s reputation and the trust of loyal customers, whilst keeping your infrastructure and web content safe.

At its core, Cyber Tzar Ltd scan websites, including their code, configuration, and externally “visible” infrastructure, for vulnerabilities, reporting the findings back as an easy to understand and communicate cyber security risk “score” out of 1,000. They provide visibility of the online security of a business by assessing and calculating risk, using comprehensive scanning, automated risk assessments, technical penetration testing, data science and AI-powered vulnerability testing.

Better than a simple MOT, Cyber Tzar actively guide you towards improving your cyber risk exposure via prioritising your vulnerabilities, identifying which require immediate attention, near term attention, or are low priority. A business can routinely use this as a tool to not only establish their cyber security needs, but subsequently manage their improvement, guided by the suggested remediation.

The platform can scan many thousands of sites per day and provide you with benchmarking insight into your suppliers, partners, and your marketplace as a whole, making it useful to procurement departments and qualification, vendor management, and quantifying comparative risk for insurance purposes.

Find out more at www.cybertzar.com