WMCRC Board Partner MET Cloud recognised as UK's Cybersecurity Firm of the Year

WMCRC Board Partner METCloud has been recognised by Finance Monthly as the UK's Cybersecurity Firm of the Year at their annual FinTech Awards.

The FinTech Awards celebrate the most outstanding and innovative players in the global financial technology sector.

This year, METCloud joins household names such as Coinbase, Klarna, Starling Bank and Monzo as winners in their respective areas of expertise.

Most FinTech companies host their systems on cloud providers such as AWS, Azure and Google.

However, there is a growing level of unease surrounding security as data breaches become more common in the sector.​​

In​ 2020, ​companies like Travelex, Lloyds, Halifax and Royal Bank of ​Scotland reported major incidents in their operations.

To address this challenge, METCloud offers businesses a fusion of enterprise level cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity technology.

METCloud’s disruptive approach to providing scalable cloud computing infrastructure has made it more approachable for enterprises to adopt secure, next-generation computing services.

By doing that, METCloud provides users with a peace of mind with end-to-end services that fit into their specific operational needs.

This is particularly important now as global markets are working hard to remedy the economic downturn brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This challenge is compounded by the evolving spectre of cybercrime and ransomware attacks that are forecasted to cost the global financial services sector up to $6 trillion by the end of this year.

METCloud CEO Ian Vickers said: “Technical downtime to any business is frustrating. In the financial sector, it can be catastrophic as it compromises integrity of the business.

“The METCloud ecosystem provides high-performance and seamless availability for businesses that have a prerequisite to be ‘always on’.

“The METCloud team is thrilled to receive such a high accolade with the FinTech sector as it is a testament to METCloud’s capabilities.

“Our ‘fit-for-purpose’ infrastructure ensures that IT and cybersecurity needs are met regardless of whether you operate in financial services or the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) sector.”

With cybersecurity threats becoming more persistent than ever before, businesses today need to ramp up their cyber-resilience as traditional cybersecurity measures are fast becoming outdated.

By using cutting-edge surveillance technology and technical expertise of a team of highly-skilled specialists, METCloud says it offers users a peace of mind with a human touch.

Ian added: “We are very appreciative of gaining the recognition for our commitment to be great at what we do. I am very grateful to the METCloud team as each member has been instrumental to our shared success.