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Guidance for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Businesses in the travel and tourism data rely on customer data and information to make transactions, take bookings and provide their service to their customers. It is imperative this information is handled securely, our guidance will help you to do just that.

From April - September 2019, the West Midlands region had over 400,000 people visit the region for domestic holidays, bringing a total income of over £179m to the region.

Don’t dive into the unknown, put your travel and tourism business in the know

Businesses need to learn to be cautious when it comes to keeping your and your customers’ information safe.

cyber essentials.png

Cyber Essentials: How can it help your business?

Cyber Essentials helps you make your business more resilient to cyber-attacks

5 tips to drown out cyber criminals from your travel and tourism business

With English tourism making up 80% of the UK’s visitor economy, it unfortunately looks like there’s plenty of scope for cyber criminals to make an impact.

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8 steps from the NCSC to recovering a hacked account

Whether it's your email, social media or some other type of online service, there are many things which can alert you to the fact that someone else is accessing your account.

National Cyber Security Centre: Small Business Guide

How to improve cybersecurity within your business - quickly, easily and at low cost.

NCSC Small Business Guide Blog

How to report a cybercrime to law enforcement

Learn how and who to report a cybercrime to.

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Five steps to keeping your website secure

The internet is such a fast-paced environment for any size business, which is why it is important to keep up to date on the essential elements.

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