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How Does Corporate Internet Discovery Protect Your Online Reputation?

In today's world where everything has become digitalised and information is freely spread, a company's reputation can be both its greatest asset and its biggest liability. With the vast amount of information available on the internet, it's essential for businesses to stay informed about what is being said about them online.

This is where Corporate Internet Discovery can help. This specialised service is designed to provide a detailed review of publicly available information (no social engineering tactics are used) about an organisation, helping them to understand their online presence, potential vulnerabilities, and overall reputation.

So, how does Corporate Internet Discovery safeguard your online reputation and protect you from cyber threats?

Understanding Corporate Internet Discovery

Before we dive further into how it can help to protect your organisation, lets first gain a more thorough understanding of Corporate Internet Discovery.

Corporate Internet Discovery is a proactive approach to managing online reputation and security. It involves the use of internet search and social media tools to gather information from public sources about an organisation. The goal is to uncover any potentially harmful content, such as negative news stories, damaging social media posts, or questionable associations.

Additionally, the service can help in identifying any sensitive information released by employees or past employees that might pose a risk to the company. This can include a risk to reputation as well as more immediate risks like holes in a business's cyber resilience. This brings us to our next point.

Protecting against cyber threats

One crucial aspect of Corporate Internet Discovery is its role in identifying potential cyber threats. It's not just about monitoring what is being said about the organisation, but also how that information might be used against them.

Cybercriminals often conduct reconnaissance using publicly available data to gather intelligence about their targets. By understanding what information is accessible to malicious actors, businesses can take steps to strengthen their security measures and reduce their vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Consider the analogy of a burglar scouting a neighbourhood for potential targets. Just like an intruder seeks houses without alarms, open windows, or unlocked gates, cybercriminals target organisations with weak online security postures. Corporate Internet Discovery helps businesses become aware of their weaknesses and empowers them to fortify their defences. Keep in mind though that it is designed to work alongside your security measures and should not be used as a replacement for best practice cyber security.

Enhancing due diligence

Another valuable application of Corporate Internet Discovery is in conducting high-level due diligence on other organisations, suppliers, or potential partners.

When entering into partnerships or business relationships, it's crucial to understand the reputation and potential risks associated with the other party. By leveraging this service, businesses can gain insights into the reputation, history, and online presence of the entities they are considering working with, making informed decisions that protect their interests.

Ensuring ethical practices

It's essential to note that Corporate Internet Discovery is conducted ethically and responsibly. The service uses only publicly available information, and no intrusive measures or tools are employed. There is no interaction with any organisation or individual, and no social engineering techniques are used. The focus is solely on gathering information from open sources, ensuring that privacy and ethical boundaries are respected.

Tailored approach

Each Corporate Internet Discovery engagement is customised to suit the specific needs and concerns of the client. Detailed objectives, concerns, and outcomes are captured and verified before the discovery process begins.

This tailored approach ensures that the findings align with the client's unique requirements, and the service delivers clear insights that can drive informed decisions and protect the organisation effectively.

Detailed reports that offer actionable insights

One of the key deliverables of Corporate Internet Discovery is a detailed report that includes sources, links, associations, and a comprehensive threat assessment based on the initial brief. The report not only highlights potential risks but also explains how the information gathered could be used in an attack against the organisation. This empowers businesses to understand the implications fully and take appropriate measures to safeguard their online reputation and digital assets.

Think your organisation could benefit from Coporate Internet Discovery? Contact us today to find out more information and get a quote.


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